July 26, 2019

Knees are the skier’s injury of choice, for both recreational and World Cup skiers. Whilst World Cup skiers mostly do an ACL rupture with minimal damage to other areas, recreational skiers have way more fun with their knee injuries and are far more likely to rupture th...

July 19, 2019

Cold toes are a common problem in ski boots, and a most unpleasant way to spend your day on the mountain.  There are many causes of cold and numb toes in ski boots. Luckily most of the time it’s a problem that can be fixed.



July 12, 2019

They say you shouldn’t try so hard to fit in, but with ski boots it can be worth the effort to get them to fit right. It sounds like a ruse, but boots that are too big can lead to more pain in the foot muscles and toes than one that’s too tight.

Too big means a size or...

July 5, 2019

As we’ve evolved over the millennia, humans are asking their bodies to do far more than they ever have. Gymnastics, ballet, unicycle hockey, chess boxing and bobsleigh (where your bones don’t break “they shatter”) to name a few.

It’s important to remember that skiing an...

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