There is no piece of ski equipment more important than boots. No other single item has as big an impact on your skiing experience as boots do. This is why we offer a range of boots within our clinic that we can customise to suit your needs.

A well-fitting boot will provide warmth, performance and comfort. However if you have had chronic ski boot issues, or trauma to your feet from knee and hip reconstructions,  bone fractures, scoliosis, limb leg length differences, ankle and foot injuries, or neural and blood flow problems like Reynaud's phenomena, then these may sound like secondary luxuries compared with just getting through a day in your boots. Custom boots are ideal for people with chronic foot and leg issues as they allow complete customisation of shape and fit to accommodate the foot's complex needs.

With our combined knowledge of how the foot and leg function in a ski boot we are able to provide you with a solution for your chronic ski boot problems that have previously prevented you from enjoying your skiing experience.

  • Our knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is focused on foot and leg function in skiing. We also understand other medical diagnoses and injuries, and how these will impact your skiing and boot set-up.

  • We clearly understand the role of all pieces of equipment in your ski set up and how they work together. To give you the best possible day on the hill, you and your boots need to work within this system.

  • We know the scope of possible modifications that can be made to a ski boot and how to balance these to get your boot to work best for you.

Custom boots are a combination of a ski boot shell modified for your foot shape, and a foam injected liner. The liners are injected with a foam that forms and sets around your foot's contours creating a truly bespoke fit. When done with our expertise and knowledge, these custom boots will give you your best ski boot yet, and have you skiing better and enjoying yourself on the snow. If you'd like to know more about our custom boots, please contact us here

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