How do you travel with snow gear?

October 28, 2019

Each year, the SIA (Snowsports Industry Association) holds its trade show in October with all the latest gear to show retailers what they should buy for all their customers for the following winter. It's full of the latest model skis, ski and board boots, snowboards, jackets pants, gloves, goggles, socks and whatever else you can think of. 


This year we picked out the most interesting new items we saw at the show to share with you. The first is the Snokart - a kick-arse travel bag set that makes travelling with skis and boards wayyyyyyyyy easier than before. (Just a note we only tested it at the show - we haven't travelled with it yet, but the features we looked at fix the issues we've had in the past when travelling with ski gear). The second is Dalbello's newest touring boot (she's a beauty). We'll be writing more about that next time!


Snokart is a travel luggage set with a ski/snowboard bag, backpack, wheelie bag and other bits you can add or not.


Firstly, the Snokart wheels are set on the base when it stands up so you can manoeuvre it when in an upright position. Brilliant. Unlike the traditional wheelie ski bags that require you to tip them over to steer, which involves a whole lot a faffing about and needs a lot of space, this wheel set-up means busy check-in and custom lines are far easier to manage because you can just turn it when it's in an upright position! Simple. 


 Even I can easily move this baby in the airport queues! Clever wheel positioning is all it took.


It has extendable ski/snowboard bag length - which some snow gear bags already have - and the option of tacking on a few bags for your clothing and other paraphernalia with these clever clips.


It is also freestanding when upright, so it takes up a much smaller footprint (great in squeezy spaces and long lines) and you no don't have to find a wall to lean it against - trust me, this is a big deal.

You can wear the backpack on your back or you can clip it on to the ski bag with their clever clips.



The configuration options are illustrated inside the bag for your reference, so your jet lagged-addled brain doesn't need to remember. And now you have one (easy) to move piece of luggage that will get you through the airport and onto your snow-bound shuttle in no time. You're welcome.


How do you travel with snow gear?




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