Any boot fitter worth their salt will advise you to get custom made inserts in your boots. It's generally accepted that these benefit the skier in three ways.

  1. Even pressure dispersion 

  2. Foot alignment and support

  3. Cushioning

At Ortho Ski, we use our podiatry expertise to create custom ski orthoses for your ski boots. These are designed specifically for your foot. The ski boot is a very firm and rigid support for the foot on the sides and across the top, so having support from a ski orthotic device underneath is vital. Think of it like filling in the gaps or empty space in your boot. 



Pressure dispersion is very important for foot comfort, blood flow and nerve pathways to prevent cold toes, cramping, and nerve impingement's and numbness.


Supporting the foot in its ideal position aims to provide the best alignment for your ankle, knees, hips and flow-on to the upper body, giving you the best neutral stance position to start from. A good neutral stance position reduces muscle overuse and fatigue, as well as reduced injury risk and improved ski performance.


A ski orthosis is the first place to start to resolve any boot fitting problems. Without stabilising the foot, any changes made to anywhere else in the boot won't fix the problem.


As Molly says, "do yourself a favour" and start with well-made ski orthoses. Your feet will thank you.


Ski orthoses are claimable through your private health fund. For even more exciting information about ski orthoses, check out our blog post about them.

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