Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in ski boot fitting. We love skiing and want you to as well, so we're here to help you achieve that. We don't want your skiing to be hampered by sore feet or poor alignment. We want you to just enjoy your time in the mountains.

When you book a consult with us, you will initially be assessed by our podiatrist, then you will be introduced to our equipment expert, who knows the extent of what a boot and the plastics can be enhanced to, and tailored to your foot and anatomy.

Growing up skiing with her family in Australia's Snowy Mountains, Krista imagined that she could live with the wombats in the snow, and never have to go back to school.

Whilst her imaginary dream to live in a burrow (thankfully) never eventuated, living in the snow did.

Some things that aren’t imaginary about Krista include working in the ski industry for over 12 years, in boot fitting, ski retail, and ski instructing, in Australia, Canada, the US and Japan. These roles allowed her to enjoy the magic of snowy mountains across the world.


Krista decided that enhancing other peoples love for skiing was best found working as a boot fitter, and resolved that studying podiatry would lead her to a career focused on improving performance and comfort for skiers.  


After 9 years as a podiatrist she has come full circle and is now able to apply a lifetime of experience as a skier with her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics into founding Ortho Ski. With a background in boot fitting prior to podiatry, Krista has a unique understanding for the important role the ski boot plays in connecting the skier to the snow. 

Krista Sturday


Boot Fitter

The call of the mountains was too strong for Ray to ignore, which saw him spend his 20's proudly wearing the moniker, "ski bum" and bouncing between Northern and Southern winters. During this time he worked as a boot fitter and ski tech for some of the world's best ski boot fitting shops, honing his skills and knowledge in the mountains.


He worked for Jindabyne Sports for many years in Thredbo, and with renowned Master Boot Fitter, Bob Gleason, at BootDoctor's, high in the San Juan's of Colorado in Telluride. He has also worked in Canada and Japan sharing his love of all things skiing.

Ray loves to resolve problems that have defied previous attempts and takes pride in giving people back the joy of skiing without suffering painful feet.

Working with ski equipment piqued Ray's interest in design and saw him following this path to a degree in Industrial Design. He is now a product designer and has enhanced his knowledge of plastics and other materials used in the manufacture of ski boots and skis. 

After 5 years in medical device design, Ray is thrilled to be able to apply his knowledge of design and materials with his expertise in boot fitting to provide clients with a perfectly fitted and aligned ski boot. 

Ray Wills

Industrial Designer

Boot Fitter

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