Welcome! We're so glad you're here. We are on a mission to enhance the love of skiing, one pair of well-fitted ski boots at a time. We love skiing. We believe everyone should be able to comfortably enjoy their skiing too.  


Ortho Ski is a podiatry service focused purely on skiing. Our expertise lies in resolving chronic boot fitting problems. We have developed a boot fitting assessment model based on a skier's biomechanics, anatomy, and skiing experiences, rather than a simplistic fit-based approach. This allows us to tailor your boots and ski orthotics to achieve the right balance of comfort and performance for you.​​

Ortho Ski originated because we felt there was something missing in ski boot fitting. A good boot fitter knows their equipment. They know the fit and flex of boots. They know what changes can be made to a boot without ruining the integrity of the rest of the boot. But they have limited experience in the function and anatomy of the rest of the body. Podiatrist's on the other hand know the body - particularly the feet and legs - which is where a lot of the control from skiing comes from. Their knowledge lies in anatomy and biomechanics and knowing what movements the body can and should be doing. But they don't often appreciate the importance of the role equipment plays in skiing - the integral role of the boot.


How can we do this without being on the mountain, you ask? We have over 25 years combined experience in the ski industry working as on-mountain boot fitters across the world and we have seen what feet do in ski boots. Moreover we've been able to successfully fix the problems our clients have had. Combine that with five years of anatomy and pathology study, and ten years of practising podiatry and we have developed an assessment system that can predict and prevent issues in your boots. We also have an on-mountain clinic in Falls Creek where we can do adjustments for boots purchased from any of our clinics.

Correct alignment in ski boots is incredibly important to allow you to ski with reduced stress on your muscles and joints, enhance your performance and technique, and reduce your risk of injury - particularly knee injuries - the most common site of ski injuries. At Ortho Ski, ensuring your boots are aligned properly is part of our service.

Chronic ski boot issues typically arise from:

  • body imbalance and asymmetry

  • physical trauma or injury

  • lack of understanding of the specific needs of the skier and their equipment when purchasing

  • your current  boots just weren't designed for your foot type and shape. 


We can assess and modify your current boots, or we can provide an assessment and custom boots for you if you are looking for new boots.  We want you to love skiing as much as we do and that all starts with the perfect boots for your body.

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